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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote trade, commerce, and entrepreneurial opportunities between business and among its members and the various  enterprises and governmental agencies throughout the world. World Trade Illinois provides continuing and timely information about its members and member countries for the benefit of those entities, both corporate and government, seeking to enhance their position in the international market place.

Our supportive services, educational and promotional, are complemented by our in house
support in assisting organizations and individuals in researching and securing potential business partners.

We are a premier one-stop trading post dedicated to replacing the tedious work of uncovering opportunities for corporations and individual entrepreneurs foraging the international market place for partnering opportunities.

How To Enter Global Markets


With the internet as your most powerful tool, entering global markets is easier nowadays than ever before.  The internet can be used to promote your business as well as to look for reliable business partners in other countries. 


The first step is to conduct research.  With more research done, less of a risk will be taken.  You must research the products you want to sell, as well as the businesses you are signing agreement with.


Contacting the consulate general of the country you want to conduct business in is also incredibly useful.  While embassies are often located in the capital of a country, consulates are usually located in areas with more economic potential.  When contacting a given consulate, be mindful of the communication itself. Provide adequate information about your business and the import/export plans.


Trade commissioners are available to facilitate trading between their country and yours.  By contacting consulates and speaking to trade commissioners you may find valuable information and serious prospective business partners.


With his 90 day electronic program, Mike Roach has successfully launched multiple businesses into the Chinese market.  For more information on his program and strategies contact info@wtcil.org.

Are You Ready For A Trade Mission?

Take our pre-trade mission survey here and see how ready you are to explore international markets. Click Here.

Words from our President

In today's increasingly internationally economic environment, it is more important than ever to place Illinois on the table in front of large international corporations and investors. Doing so early ensures that Illinois will be considered and included when companies begin planning for global expansion. 

This can be done anywhere, we will use China as an example. 

China will have the largest economy on the planet by 2050. There are over$1.3 Trillion currently locked up in the Chinese economy that the Chinese government is encouraging its people and companies to place back in the United States. China continues to grow in international prominence. Its businesses continue to go global by investing in foreign countries and buying more goods and services from countries like the United States. Illinois' infrastructure, manufacturing, and location in the United States make it a natural trading partner and investment location for Chinese companies. Presently, Illinois hosts over 25 Chinese companies. 

So how do we do it? 
  Inbound and Outbound trade missions

Company reach outs

Expansion of government programs/

Foreign Trade Zones/ 

Greater use of International Airports/and Ports/

Promote leading Industries/Companies?

Expansion of our University System with Co-ops with Chinese universities/ 

COMMUNICATION of asset and opportunities available on a weekly/monthly basis. 

Who wants to join the team? 

for more information on the 
African World Trade Center Institute
A partnership between World Trade Illinois and the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce

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International Business Resource Map

Our new Interactive World Map allows you to view financial, industrial, and business information about other countries.  This can provide insight on international markets and a greater understanding of foreign regions.

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World Trade Illinois is offering to develop an individually personalized website for your business with a link that will be visible on our website. Each website can provide background information, services provided, a brief history, recent company news, contact information, etc.  Following an initial $100 start-up fee, we can maintain your website for $35 a month. If interested contact blada@wtcil.org.





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